Sports Medicine

Podiatrists work with athletes at every level of performance, from young children first learning to play, to weekend amateur sports enthusiasts, to world-class athletes in every sport.

Sports Injuries

As a Podiatrist, Dr. Menendez can help an athlete not only by treating sports injuries such as ankle sprains and stress fractures, but also by working with the athlete and other specialists to improve foot, leg and spinal alignment with the use of physical therapy and orthotics. Minor aches and pains that are treated early can prevent more serious conditions later on.

Individualized Approach

Dr. Menendez can provide an athlete with an individualized approach to effective training while treating their condition.

Dr. Menendez has always personally been involved in sports activities his entire life, playing soccer through college, running track and cross country, long distance running, swimming, competitive powerlifting and most recently an avid participant of CrossFit since 2012.