Dr. Julian Menendez is first podiatrist in Florida to offer the Clearanail® toenail procedure.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – September 26, 2016 – Patients with embarrassing, discolored/yellow, thickened or crumbling nails can receive enhanced treatment from Dr. Julian Menendez – the first podiatric physician in Florida to offer the Clearanail® procedure.

Traditional treatment options for unsightly toenails are sometimes less effective because they are unable to get through the toe’s nail plate and to the nail bed. With Clearanail’s® Controlled Micro PenetrationTM (CMP) technology, Dr. Julian Menendez can penetrate the nail plate safely, painlessly, and effectively.

Clearanail® was not available to patients in the United States until June of this year. Clearanail® is the world's first intelligent nail drill to utilize patented (CMPTM) technology. A fully-automated fail safe system creates micro-pathways in thick toenails so that topical treatments may be used more effectively.

Once the virtually invisible holes are painlessly drilled into the patient’s nail plate, topical treatments can reach the nail bed in much higher concentrations by targeting the source of the problem. The drill uses smart-sensor technology, which allows it to “know” when to stop drilling. This technology prevents any pain to the patient or damage to the nail bed.

Unlike other new technologies for toenails that require several practice visits and
procedures, Clearanail® is effective with only a single treatment! Depending on how many toes need to be treated, the procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes on average. Patients are then sent home to apply topical treatments until the affected toenail grows out and a healthy nail grows in.

Dr. Menendez is accepting patients for the Clearanail® procedure. Anyone who is suffering from discolored, thickened, or crumbling toenails can contact Julian Menendez, DPM to schedule a consultation at 727-544-5425 or by visiting www.stpetefeet.com

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